They designed a new technology to store Solar energy

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Today’s solar panels can store energy from the Sun for only a few microseconds at the same time. A new technology developed by chemists at the University of California, UCLA, is capable of storing solar energy for several weeks–a breakthrough that could change the way of thinking of the scientists on the design of solar cells.

“We have been working for years to make that our intellectual property is usable, taking our intuitive technologies and our experience in memory and packaging them in a product that will help to improve the performance of the memory of servers”, said Black. Our product, while it is not oriented to memory storage architectures, as some have speculated, will improve both bandwidth and server capacity to meet the demands of data centres”.

Notably, Rambus will unveil its new technology prior to the IDF, rather than during the event, which would indicate that the new class of memory is not precisely aligned with Intel’s roadmaps.

The invention consists of placing some microcapsules in liquid metal, about 10 microns in diameter, over areas of the chip performing the electrical conduction. If there is a break in the conductive material the liquid metal slides down the gap in microseconds. In testing 90 percent of the chips of this mechanism is autorrepararon recovering a 99 per cent of the original conductivity.

An Australian scientist is working on a ‘smart band’ for the treatment of chronic injury based on a material that can change color depending on the State of the injury. What is developing is something that reacts in response to changes in temperature; If one has an inflammation infection likely to rise with respect to the normal temperature, but if you register a drop in temperature it is possible that there is another type of problem as for example in the supply of blood to the tissue of the wound.