EA will close four games PC F2P

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Electronic Arts has announced its decision to close four of its oldest free-to-play games for PC.

Another type of games that are very Private Server successful are racing games. Cars and motorbikes will reach the top speed in your computer with games like Need For Speed Underground Moto GP. And if what you like is to do tricks, you can choose between several sets of trial and acrobatics. In this new release have changed the previous graphics engine to take advantage of the benefits of Frosbite 3, getting a really great result in the animations of the characters and the recreation of the landscapes along the adventure.

In this fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls we return to choose if we want to carry out the rest of what generally happens in first third person action scenes, and although perspective improvements are easily recognizable in third person, we continue identifying as almost indispensable to graceful exit struggles deal with them from a subjective perspective for greater precision. Addition, to emphasize the aesthetic results, not only new animations in the main character, but also a new outdoor camera for executions that will show us all the violence of the game from a great angle.

The last time the company gave public data, the company had confirmed that it had 7.4 million users, so WOW has risen by 2.6 million the number of users. The highly anticipated game Grave (a survival horror) that reach 2,015, according to its creators have confirmed on its official blog, the game will have influences of the cult of the sagas of Silent Hill Resident Evil games, and will try to take the best of both. This anticipated game will have an open world, something that is not very common in this type of game and that its creators hope to innovate. From my Pc Games, we hope the game with open arms and hope to have it soon to be able to play it.

Windows 10 will also feature new and exclusive, IP being ‘Gigantic’ that most draws our attention. Its beta will begin in August and they will draw Motiga, its creators, also on Xbox One and cross game. It will be a mixture of MOBA with shooter and free-to-play model. If they create heroes level and attractive enough, we have a title that promises.