Baby Strollers 2015

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The days of baby strollers for the child is lying are numbered. At the time when the baby starts to want to join the stroller it is unusable. But this is not the case with the Combi strollers. This combination stroller and car seat can start using the since the birth of your baby and use it for three even four years. Also from the point of view of comfort, these strollers are worth.

Combi tris is the car Cam minimalist style, its aluminum chassis allows to place the chair in the desired direction, looking at the potatoes, into the street. You can adjust the backrest to 4 positions with one hand and ensure
double stroller for infant and toddler
your baby perfectly with its 5-point belt. New Crosswalk stroller Jane is new for this 2015, Jané has solved a cocheito with an excellent chair, ademñas his inherited from Epic chassis, this version has approved portabebes Koos this Pram and Nano also comes with bubble rain and matching diaper bag.

In this category we have included specific trolleys, suitable for individual cases, special cars. ” A clear example of such cars would prams for twins sleeps two more children the same age. This car can move both babies together. These cars offer another possibility: take the kids lined up next to each other. We should note that for optimal maneuverability in the city, the first option is better.

Hi Anabel forgive the delay in answering but that I find difficult in the summer months take time with small home all day, hehe. Well, these two strollers that you love are very similar and I must say that both I like pretty, although not analyzed yet if any can not tell you too. Both are light, although the Kudu weighs slightly less, and not occupy too much. In this the Oyster is somewhat narrower. In addition, the two are quite compact once folded. The two similar suspension and wheels. That is, in terms of features, it is difficult to decide.

Pretty much it has it all, lightweight, large rear wheels with suspension, almost nailed the Bugaboo design but with a larger lower basket. I have seen many reviews that said good things but also some talking of poor quality materials. I see a good option at a reasonable price. However, what you have seen in situ think of the feelings that I produced in terms of management, quality, ease of folding, etc.